Video Streaming For Smart TVs app turns your Mac into video streaming server which makes even really long videos to be immediately ready for watching!

For iOS version of the app please visit:

Simply drag and drop any video file on the app, it will be automatically processed and be ready for streaming without any delay. So you just need to open web browser on your TV or any computer and navigate it to the page displayed in the app.

No need to wait until whole video is processed - when you start watching or seek only respective piece of content will be prepared for streaming, so encoding and delivery is extremely fast. This feature is very helpful especially when watching really long videos (for example movies).

General requirements:
- macOS 10.10 or higher
- your Mac and TV (or another computer) should be connected to the same home network (WI-FI or cable)
- web browser should be able to play HTML5 video (most of modern browsers)
- web browser should be able to access content using http protocol

- DRM protected videos are not supported
- Streaming is optimised for one session (not possible to watch on two or more TVs at the same time)

The app has been tested on desktop web browsers, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS Smart TVs and AndroidTV. To help you to check whether Your smart TV / web browser is compatible with the streaming protocols supported by the app we have prepared short video:

If Your web browser plays this video - it is compatible with the app.

Sometimes video playback doesn't start automatically so press Play on remote control or player control bar. Once playback started you can seek or go to fullscreen using native control bar buttons.